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What We Do


TeleHealth Evaluations
For Clinicians & Patients

Are you getting your patients to use medical apps or accessing medical records? Do you want to improve the experience and make sure your patients stick to the plan? With the right motivation you will improve your outcomes!

Online Coaching Evaluations
For Trainers, Coaches & Clients

Are you delivering training, nutrition or lifestyle plans through computer systems or apps? Not only will we be able to recommend suitable processes for your client base, we will also be able to suggest technical solutions for best possible delivery and adherence.

IRL Health Service Evaluations
For Face to Face Services

Are you running a face to face service? We can do evaluations of that too! There are two options - an evaluation of your business as is, or an evaluation to figure out what you need if you’re planning to go digital in a flawless way.


Patient Experience

Get you patients to stick to the plan and improve your outcomes in the process


TeleHealth Evaluations

Deliver the best possible patient-centred healthcare plan in a way they will want to commit to. Healthcare is progressing from a face to face experience to an online experience. Are you making the most out of it?

Do you want your patients to feel included in their rehabilitation process? Let us help you figure out how to do it!


Client Experience

Create a stronger delivery with healthier and happier clients that stay


Online Coaching Evaluations

Are you delivering the best possible service for your clients? What do you want them to say about you that they don’t say yet? Do you want to know how to get there?

Get the tools to create a stronger community for you and your clients through a thorough UX evaluation. This works for one to one personal training, lifestyle and nutrition coaching and small group online coaching.


Improve the Experience

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